For over 10 years the Company Molvina has been run by a group of people with an extended and in-depth knowledge and axperience in an area of work that is antique and famous: the one concerning Botticino marble.
The Company owns quarries and is one of the largest producers in Italy of Botticino Crema. For many years it has also worked internationally exporting marble in blocks and in raw or polished slabs, tiles of various sizes and qualities such as Botticino extra - 1st choice . normal - commercial and Botticino Fiorito.
In our work yards it is also possible to find coloured marbles as Breccia Aurora, Breccia Oniciata, Breccia Damascata, Rosso Asiago, Rosso Verona and Yellow Egyptian.
We are able to supply any type of marble or granite on request. From quarrying to the finished product, the proprietors take particular care in all the various work phases.

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Botticino Marble
Botticino is found in the centre of particularly pure limestone deposits, formed during the Jurassic period over 200 milion years ago. It is extracted from the Pre-Alps of Lombardy, north-east of Brescia.

Its characteristics make it a higly prized marble, used in prized applications both internally and externally at any latitude and in any environmental condition.
The phisical, mechanical and structural characteristics of Botticino consist of basic paste formed by limestone and micro-crystal granules, ivory-white in colour, with different veining depending on the diffusion of oolite, the presence of stylolites and different striations of varying sizes of other elements.

These characteristics determine the different varieties of the Botticino.

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